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Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Terms of Use

This website is operated by the Umasa Ichiban Toyama Seafood Campaign Office (hereafter the "Campaign Office").
By using this website, users consent to the following terms and conditions.


As a general rule, links to this website are permitted. We ask that you bear the following in mind:

  • When linking to a page other than the website's home page, please note that modifications to our website may cause links to break.
  • Please do not link to pages on this website in a way that will display them inside of frames.


Copyright for the text, images, and other content shown on this website belongs to the Campaign Office and/or to the individual(s)/organization(s) who provided the text and/or image(s).
Unauthorized use and reproduction are prohibited, with the sole exceptions of reproduction for personal use, quotations, and other uses explicitly permitted by the Copyright Act of Japan.


  • The Campaign Office has paid careful attention to the information made available on this site, but makes no guarantee that it is complete, accurate, up to date, useful, or safe, nor any guarantee regarding the contents or quality of this information.
  • The Campaign Office assumes no liability for the results of any decisions made or actions taken by users based on the information provided on this website.
  • All information available on this website is, to the best of the Campaign Office’s ability, accurate as of the time of posting. Please note, however, that names, details, and other specifics may change without warning after information is posted to this website, potentially causing the information available on this website to become less accurate over time.
  • URLs for this website, including the home page, are subject to change without warning. The Campaign Office assumes no liability for broken links, display errors, or any other undesired effects caused by changes to URLs.
  • This website may link to other websites not managed by the Campaign Office, and vice versa. Because these other websites are not managed or operated by the Campaign Office, the Campaign Office assumes no liability for any damages or other misfortune that may arise in the use of any of these other websites.

Privacy Policy

The Umasa Ichiban Toyama Seafood Campaign Office considers users’ privacy very important, and regards the proper handling of users’ personal information as being an important obligation. We wholeheartedly support, and carefully follow, all Japanese laws and ordinances related to the protection of personal information, and work to use proper and safe measures to manage users’ personal information.

Intended Uses of Personal Information

As a general rule, in the event that personal information is provided by a user, it is used exclusively to perform the objectives of the Campaign Office; to enable the Campaign Office to provide products, services, and/or information to users; and/or to improve products and services.
In any cases where personal information is collected for purposes other than those above, the intended use, means of use, scope of use, etc. will be explained to users, and this personal information will only be used with the consent of the user(s) in question.

Collection of Personal Information

As a general rule, the Campaign Office only collects personal information with user consent, and will never collect personal information without user authorization.

Management of Personal Information

The Campaign Office will never disclose or provide personal information to third parties, with the following exceptions:

  1. (1) When user consent has been provided.
  2. (2) When this information is disclosed in a manner that makes it impossible to identify specific users.
  3. (3) When entrusting the handling of this information to an outside organization in order to improve the smooth operation of the Campaign Office.
    (In this case, the outside organization is carefully selected based on high standards for protection of personal information, and the Campaign Office enforces proper management of this information through contractual obligations and other means.)
  4. (4) When disclosure of this information is demanded in accordance with laws and ordinances.

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